Aramid UD Fabric

ZLJ aramid UD fabrics are made from aramid fiber together with special oil-based resin and Kevlar fiber of DUPONT and TWARON fiber of Japan . They are produced into yellow sheet-like materials in rolls by special technology, with continuous UD fabric of two or four layers of uni-tape laminate in 0°/ 90°.



                    * Quality raw materials, stable in quality, high level of safety ;

                    * High temperature resistance, resistance to weathering and water logging,good stability and anti-flaming;

                    * Highly capable of defending high speed bullet by pistols, sub-machine guns and light machine guns;

                    * Highly capable of defending repeated impact, multi-angle shooting and blunt trauma;

                    * Ageing resistance, no abnormal odor, non hazardous;


Application:Bulletproof vest, helmets, plates, shields, building protective armor, vehicle armor, bomb isolation;



                   * Width : 1600 mm ;

                   * Length: 200m ; 

                   * Areal density ( g/m²) : 150 --- 200 ± 5  ( for customize )


Warranty: ZLJ products have measured up to international technology and passed through inspection of sample functional test.