Bulletproof Shield


ZLJ series Bulletproof Shield are made from high performance polyethylene UD fabric with special heat pressing techniques.



                    * Without ricochet and bulletproof blind area;
                    * Eliminate the non-penetration damage;
                    * High protection level;
                    * Light weight, convenient to carry or move;
                    * Equipped with bulletproof glass viewpoint;
                    * Easy to use and disassemble;


Application :  It can be used by police and armed police not only in striking the criminals with firearms, but also be used to cope with the sudden

                      mass incidents. It has both single and double usages and as protective wall. 


                     Protect on area : 0.48 ---0.6 m²;  

                     Areal Density : 6 --- 20 kg/ m²;  

                     Customized in color, size and models based on customers’ demands;


 Warranty:   According to Chinese standard GA423-2003;