Bulletproof Soft Armor

ZLJ bulletproof soft armor is developed by our using materials of Kevlar fiber of DUPONT and TWARON fiber , HHMWPE fiber, including the protection of front, back, sides.



                    * Quality raw materials, stable in quality, high level of safety ;

                    * Comfortable and easy to wear, resistance to weathering and water logging, good stability and flame resistance;

                    * Highly capable of defending high speed bullet by pistols, sub-machine guns and light machine guns;

                    * Highly capable of defending repeated impact, multi-angle shooting and blunt trauma;


Specifications :Customized in color, size and models based on customers ’demands; Protection area ≥ 0.25 m²;


Warranty:ZLJ series have measured up to international technical standards and Ministry of Public Security GA141-2001 General Specification for

                  police body armor, and all products have passed through inspection of sample functional test .