Hard Armor plate










We offer several type of Hard Armor plates capable of defeating high-powered Level III. 


Sizes Available: 10”×12”

Curvature: Flat, Single – Curve, Multi - Curve

Construction: Polyethylene +TK431HT for reducing trauma

Thickness: 0.98”

Weight : 3 Ibs ( 1.35 kg )


Key features

* Made with Multi- UHMWPE fabrics + TK431HT and special pressing techniques to create lighter plate

* Fully sealed to protect against liquids,chemicals,and harsh elements

* User-friendly design fits to the body curve and maximizes safety

* Rugged, reliable,and stress fracture resistant




7.62mm×51 mm ( M80 ) (M-14)



UHMWPE+TK431HT Hard Armor Plate Shot Test